Impact Coaching

What is impact coaching? Impact coaching provides you - business owner, entrepreneur, corporate or nonprofit -  the guidance and support to become a part of a collective movement to improve people's lives and protect the planet. How? By helping you find your place as a change agent.

Impact coaching is one-half purpose and one-half business.

Together we audit, explore and create: helping you do good business that makes the world a better place. 

 Mission-driven business. Products or services which create positive social change as they are made or used.

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Entrprenuer or Service Provider

You have built a strong career providing a service in the creative arts, health care, technology or any other number of service areas and now you are ready to take your career to the next level by integrating a mission-driven component to your practice. Together we will do the following:

  • Identify your passion/purpose area 
  • Create a social enterprise plan to guide your growth
  • Identify risk/gain in driving your mission forward
  • Align your personal and professional values in becoming a change agent
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Small Business or Mid-to-Large Corporations  

You have founded or are the executive of a company which is either (1) currently without a mission-driven program or has a (2) mission-driven program which could use refreshing and is ready to grow. Together we will do the following:

  • Identify your company's passion or purpose area 
  • Evaluate your current business plan and incorporate new tactics to successfully promote social impact activities 
  • Audit risk/gain and funding concerns 
  • Work with employees to ensure easy integration of mission-driven work
  • Assist in developing partnerships  
  • Oversee branding mission-driven work into the company's current marketing efforts
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NonProfit Organizations 

Your have founded, are the executive of, or hold a board seat on a mission-driven, nonprofit organization and you're ready to take on an earned-income program or scale your agency to have a larger impact. Together we will do the following:

  • Audit capacity and return on investment based on current fundraising
  • Vision new best practices to create larger impact
  • Align all stakeholders in supporting growth 
  • Create new strategic partnerships to advance mission
  • Evaluate alternative revenue streams