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We make fun, functional, safe products for home your family can trust. 


Proud of our work...

When I started on this new journey to make a quirky ceramic mug, I had no idea the mug would have so many fans around the world! At first I kept quiet with my customers about my personal values -- my commitment to making the world a better place -- but after fielding emails from a number of customers, I realized that you cared. Your emails were not just about my footed mugs, but about the choices I made to find the healthiest, most earth-friendly products out there for my own family. Because of you, a few years ago I pivoted my company to follow my heart and started working on plant-based and recycled plastics. Thank you for the opportunity to make great products and do good business. 

We all grow, we all change -- I can help you also do good business. Now is the right time.