Do Good Business. 


Entrepreneurs or Service-Provider


Are you a solopreneur or free-lancer: a service provider who works alone, has a strong understanding of where your professional life is rooted? Are you now ready to include new products, partner with a nonprofit, or offer new services that help bring extra meaning to your work? Let's make your professional life meaningful.

Small Business/Mid-to-Large Corporate


Are you doing business well but not doing business good? Are you ready to take your business to the next level with products and services that create positive social impact? Let's figure out where your unique niche is and how to leverage that to create meaning for you and your company, no matter what size. 

Non- Profit Organizations 


Are you managing a nonprofit agency or advising on a board and already committed to mission-driven work? Are you curious to know if your agency could be doing better work by using new models? For a complete nonprofit turn around a partner may work with me to help your agency reach new levels. 


“Social Entrepreneurs and Mission-Driven Enterprise: Extraordinary people and brilliant ideas. Against all the odds creating new products and services that dramatically improve people’s lives.”

Stanford Social Innovation Review