Because I built a charity out of nothing, have been recognized for my work finding innovative solutions to complex problems, and then sold a bowl on feet to people around the world. And yet I still question my decisions every day. You may too. But if you are reading this, then you are ready to find, introduce, vision, scale and grow purpose into your work, you a ready to participate in positive change. 

I've had a fast moving, unconventional life out of which has come my strongest commitment, my desire to live in sync with the world. I did not graduate from business school at 22, know exactly what I wanted to do by 25, and build an empire saving the world by 30. Instead I hawked cocktails in Hollywood and channeled my inner confusion into clay. 

I was 28 years old when I had my first ah-hah moment around poverty and I went to college, UCLA. That's why you should work with me. Because I understand that we have an infinite ability to grow and to change. I understand that life is not clean. Our journeys can be as literal as our travels around the world or as metaphorical as a deeply significant poem. 

Our experiences give our lives meaning.

Yet we can get so caught up managing all our activities that we forget to do the work to uncover what matters most to us, both personally and professionally. I saw this with my charity Hollywood Arts. I founded a school for homeless young adults but I was so busy building the school, helping hundreds of young people on the streets lead successful lives, that only years later did I realize that I had found personal meaning also in Hollywood Arts. My flow, my state of happiness was right there, helping a generation of young people overlooked by the world when I too felt similarly powerless decades earlier. Found meaning equals great business. 

As my company moves into new partnerships, I have the time now to help other entrepreneurs, other companies find their purpose, their mission. I believe we all want to protect our communities and our planet. Together we can find that space where you and your work can have an impact and if you are already working in your mission space, I can help you grow. Let's do better together.